Electrocardiogram in Haïssaguerre Syndrome (Early Repolarization)


  • Raphael Chiarini
  • Carlos Eduardo Duarte
  • João Durval Ramalho Trigueiro Mendes Junior
  • José Tarcísio Medeiros de Vasconcelos
  • Silas dos Santos Galvão Filho


Ventricular Fibrillation, Electrocardiography, Death, Sudden, Early repolarization


Introduction: Early repolarization pattern (ERP) has traditionally been related as a benign variant of electrocardiography (ECG). However, since 2008, when two studies were published for Haïssaguerre et al. and Rosso et al., with evidence of a higher prevalence of ERP in people with primary or idiopathic ventricular fibrillation (VF), this paradigm has been challenged. Objective: To conduct a thorough review of early repolarization and current state of the art regarding risk stratification in these patients. Methods: Literature review on the subject evaluating the works published in high impact journals. Conclusion: The correlation of risk factors and the real value of the various methods currently available as possible risk stratifiers is still controversial. Advances in genetics and molecular biology may in the future help in understanding the pathophysiology and better risk stratification in this population. In this context, the standardization of the definition and classification of early repolarization is imperative, as it will serve as a substrate for future studies and researches in the area.


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